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🤙 Call +1.720.32.42.PBX

💪 Text +1.720.32.42.PBX

✍️ Mail  howdy @ PENGUIN PBX dot COM 

The smartphone links above are mobile-friendly; let’s work together on your web + app setups.

Encrypted real-time messaging, voice and video call support is available; preferably via IAX2, SIP, or WebRTC protocols, as well as the Signal mobile app.

GPG public key for email encryption is available upon request. For the key expiring on August 12th, 2023, the key fingerprint is: FB5F B7A3 C7DB F6C0 DBFB 563C 88BC 6522 DF93 5051. Please email your own public key attached to your signed message.

Safety Message: Please do not send entire passwords in plain text! Use encryption and consider communicating at least some portions of the password over multiple channels eg. send half of it over the phone or in real life face-to-face meetings. Thank you so much 😏

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