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★ About

Putting your ideas into production

Technocaptain Chris is a Digium-Certified Asterisk Professional (dCAP) in Denver Colorado, steering the ship at Penguin PBX Solutions and bringing along fellow experts to many ports of call – sharing decades of experience in IT problem solvingand delivering clear telecommunications consulting to help you serve Your End Users and Customers! 🏆

VoiP focus

  • Provide services relating to ASTERISK® and its various Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) such as FreePBX® including development of helpful installers such as pngnx23299;
  • Integrate soft switches, including FreeSWITCH™ and Kamailio®;
  • Improve Safety with Always Be Conferencing for emergency 911 call notification compliance;
  • Analyze existing telephony systems in need of upgrades;
  • Secure PBX access with OpenSSH configuration hardening;
  • Encrypt on-prem PBX hard disks with LUKS for safer recycling in the future;
  • Cryptographically tighten-up desk phone audio and video connections with certificate-pinned HTTPS, WebRTC and TLS-for-SIP-over-TCP;
  • Assist with administration of edge computing, virtualized, hybrid, local foggy cloud and remotely hosted cloud phone systems;
  • Utilize your established internal company directories for faster, automated phone provisioning;
  • Diagram, Program and Test Interactive Voice Response (IVR) / Auto-Attendant / Cyber Receptionist menus;
  • Setup SIP trunks, VoiP providers, POTS & T1/E1 PRI hardware with optimal dial plans;
  • Optimize network switches, firewalls and phone equipment for better voice and video Quality-of-Service (QoS);
  • Load Test the real-time network, VLAN, VPN, and ITSP connectivity;
  • Improve fax solutions with modern protocols such as T.38 Fax-over-iP (FoiP) and fax-to-email;

DevOps experience

  • Deploy distributed fleets for redundancy and failover via Ansible roles and playbooks, such as pngnx23299;
  • Plan complicated queries in PostgreSQL and several other databases;
  • Configure many front and back end parts of the Drupal Digital eXperience Platform, including custom modules;
  • Interface between Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) and proprietary packages in multiple programming languages across disparate operating systems;
  • Automate backups of configuration and monitoring reports on regular schedules;
  • Streamline Move-Add-Change-Delete (MACD) operations with SQL databases, cronjob configuration, GUIs, APIs, scripts, etc.;

Personal connections

  • Offer Tier 4 Support & Training for augmenting in-house IT Teams and Managed Service Providers;
  • Consult with C-Level and D-Level Executives on specific requirements;
  • Document self-help-desk procedures for end users;
  • Negotiate with telephone companies on multiple levels, including port-out and port-in planning;
  • Add Value to new construction or legacy facility updates;

Helping you to unify omni-channel business communications.

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