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What is a Penguin PBX configured box like ?

A Penguin PBX configured box is a fully programmable PBX.

Traditional PBX systems are not very configurable because the code is proprietary, closed source work. So if you buy a PBX from vendor A that doesn’t have all of the features of vendor B, then chances are you’ll never get those features.

With Penguin PBX, you can program/configure your phone system to add new features – or even revive some great ones from the past! – because all installations are built by default on top of royalty-free open source software technology. Although there are labor/time personal service charges for installation and configuration, this free-as-in-speech software is yours from the start, to do with as you like per the terms of various open source licensing agreements.

Significantly, the FLOSS approach means that such software is yours to keep with no:

  • purchase price,
  • license keys,
  • usage fees,
  • annual renewals,
  • title transfers,
  • shrink wraps,
  • installed user count limits,
  • or similar non-technical barriers to entry.

In fact, many clients in IT departments set up their own *nix servers themselves – but only call Penguin PBX when Tier 3 & 4 technical help issues arise later on (or a vacation is needed!)

Either way, being so flexible, the final PBX solution fits better in to your network design, yet still uses a lot of off-the-internet-shelf components, assembled in custom configurations.

UPDATES circa 2015…

Added some clarity on FLOSS.

UDPATES circa 2018…

Broke good FLOSS points out into bulleted list.

UPDATES April 2019…

Added Tier 4 support mention.

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